Rachael Jewell - MMus in Vocal Performance- The University of Ottawa 

My intention is to provide my students with a safe space in order to freely discover their authentic voice. 

With a foundation of over 20 years of classical training, I have combined my knowledge and experience from performing opera, musical theatre, pop and jazz with my passion for sound healing to create a more wholistic approach to teaching. I believe that when traumatic experiences are not fully processed and healed, they remain stored within the body, ultimately manifesting as limiting beliefs or physical resistance (tension). Together, we can identify these mental, physical and emotional blocks and release them using the power of intention and your own voice. When we release resistance, we are truly unlocking our infinite potential as creative beings. 


What I can help you with: 

  • Vocal technique  

    • Breath 

    • Pitch and intonation 

    • Body alignment 

    • Resonance 

    • Expand your range 

    • Belting 

    • Vocal health and anatomy 

    • Vocal agility 

  • Language diction in English, German, Italian, French 

  • Ear Training 

  • Music Theory 

  • Learn to sing in multiple styles: Classical/opera, Musical Theatre/Disney, pop/contemporary, jazz 

  • Harmonization 

  • Emotional expression and communication 

  • Song interpretation, intention 

  • Build confidence and stage presence. 

  • Letting go of limiting beliefs and energetic blocks 

  • How to navigate anxiety/stage fright 

  • Songwriting guidance/advice 

  • Audition preparation 

  • RCM voice examination preparations 

  • Festival/competition/audition preparations 

 I work with students of all ages and musical backgrounds. Self discovery is a life long journey, and I am grateful to be a guide along that path.


$80 - 60 minutes  

$60 - 45 minutes 

$30 - 30 minutes 

- Payment is received on the 1st of every month. 

- cash, or e-transfer is accepted. 



  • A make up lesson will be given with a 24 hour cancellation notice. 

  • A make up lesson will not be given if no notice is given. 

  • If for any reason I need to miss a lesson, I will make it up at a mutually agreeable time. 

In-person and Online lessons available.